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Decompile APK (dex2jar)

I'm going to unpack an APK package and decompile it. Let's start..

dnsmasq - локальный DNS-сервер

Если по каким-либо причинам вас не устраивает DNS-сервис, что предоставляет провайдер, или вы хотите его расширить, то dnsmasq для вас.

tmux cheatpaper

Recently moved to tmux from Byobu. Here is the tmux cheatpaper.

BLAST algorithm for strings

BLAST - basic local alignment search tool. Algorithm for comparing primary biological sequence information, says Wikipedia. Basically, it's about searching of common molecular subsequences. But we will mess with strings, with searching longest common substrings of 2 strings.

Quick patching in Git

Sometimes i need to migrate hotfix patch from readonly repository, in that case: