In Linux we trust!

Bash shortcuts

Really required Bash shortcut to boost your console productivity :) Memorize'em..

Console control shortcuts

Ctrl + LClear screen
Ctrl + SStop output to screen
Ctrl + QContinue output to screen
Ctrl + CTerminate command
Ctrl + ZSuspend command
Ctrl + DExit

Editing shortcuts

Ctrl + WCut backwards one word
Ctrl + KCut from cursor to end
Ctrl + UCut from cursor to start
Ctrl + YPaste recently deleted part

History shortcuts

Ctrl + RHistory search
Ctrl + GCancel search
Up / DownNavigate history

Execute shortcuts

!!Repeat last command
!cmdCommand that starts with cmd (try !cd)
!$Last argument of previous command
Alt + .Same as above
!*All arguments of previous command
^foo^bar^Run previous command, replacing foo with bar